Sample Collection

We provide all assistance for providing samples and documents for certification and other quality control procedures.

To confirm the proper quality and safety of goods supplied and sold in the territory of a particular state, You need to go through a set of necessary procedures. In most cases, this procedure is accompanied by tests, studies and research that the manufacturer must pass to authorized persons. Samples for certification are imported according to special rules, with the registration of a customs declaration and an official confirmation letter.

Why do You need product certification

Authorized Bodies may check product quality according to technical regulations and for compliance with product quality standards set in a particular Country. The choice of a quality control system depends on the name and characteristics of the goods, comparing them with mandatory regulatory lists. The certification procedure is carried out in several stages. The conformity assessment process itself includes the following steps:

  • filling out an application (contract) for certification or declaration, transfer of a mandatory set of documents;
  • study of documentation, identification of goods by name and characteristics;
  • determination of a quality confirmation scheme (for example, in some cases, laboratory tests can be dispensed with if your own evidence or full technical documentation for the products is presented);/li>
  • if necessary - taking samples and samples for tests in an authorized organization;
  • tests of specimens and materials in the laboratory according to the criteria specified in the technical regulations and instructions for surfing;
  • preparation of the test report, on the basis of which certificates and declarations are issued.

Testing is a prerequisite for assessing the conformity of goods. If the goods produced in the Country where it will be sold are checked, there will be no problems with the delivery of samples and specimens to the authorized body. However, it is becoming more difficult for products of foreign products, since for its movement across the border it is necessary to draw up a number of special documents and comply with the requirements of regulatory acts. Therefore, in this case, quality control can be carried out on the basis of the documentation provided.

The procedure for processing some documents

To move any goods across the border, you need to issue a customs declaration. For samples for the upcoming conformity assessment, the paperwork procedure is as follows:

  • a contract is concluded with the conformity assessment body;
  • an official letter is issued confirming how many samples need to be taken out to check the quality of the goods;
  • based on the letter and the certificate of selection, a customs declaration is filled out;

Specialists need to submit a declaration, a request letter, a statement (when delivered by express service, the material can be processed using a special cargo register).

If the selected samples are delivered together with another cargo, customs declaration is carried out separately for this part.

A feature of this procedure for the movement of goods is the permit (admission) of non-certified goods. It is impossible to use imported samples for sales and for purposes other than laboratory tests. All samples are handed over to specialists for quality checks, and the entrepreneur will be able to supply the products on the basis of declarations and certificates.