Provision of assistant services

Provision of assistant services

If the Manufacturer wishes to organize the customs clearance and import of any product - he must also take care of obtaining various additional documents required by customs and confirming the quality and safety of the products.

As a rule, these documents are received in the official state bodies of the importing country. The procedure for obtaining such documents - provides for the appeal to government bodies only directly, only the Official Authorities of the country of import can issue them.

Also, the procedure for obtaining these documents for foreign manufacturers who are wishing to enter a new market - obtaining documents from government bodies - takes a lot of time. Often, such requests result to a refusal to issue documents.

Therefore, these documents for various reasons (especially the local mentality, language and other barriers) usually will be obtained by the local importer company, which does this immediately before passing through customs control.

Therefore, some experienced companies order from us or companies such as us "preliminary analysis of their products" before starting state registration. That is, a document confirming the quality. This document is a kind of narrowly targeted marketing research or its analogue aimed at studying the composition of products by comparing it with existing products on the market, with the norms or standards adopted on it.

Specialists conduct analog of marketing and other studies based on the requirements for similar products, standards and norms to which manufacturers of similar products apply.

In addition, manufacturers can use these documents to increase the competitiveness of their products, as well as if they want to convince customers of certain standards and safety for buyers of their products.

As a result of checking the provided documentation, our company employee concludes that the products provided can meet certain standards, and a document is drawn up containing the name of the company, a list of products and the conclusion of our company’s expert “on product quality and safety”.

If manufacturers intend to develop a foreign market, they often order such documents.

For our company - the main type of services provided - is the issuance of such documents with product analysis and research, checking the potential for compliance with certain norms and standards in the country in which You want to supply your products

Based on the results of the provision of services, a document is issued confirming the quality of the goods. The cost of such services for obtaining trade documents for companies from all countries (cosmetics, food, fertilizers, etc.) is from 950 to 1200 euros per item + a small percentage for modification (depends on the type of product).

Please note that this document does not replace documents issued by government agencies, other licensed to conduct these studies of bodies. Obtaining these documents is carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis and can be used to increase the competitiveness of the goods.

The provision of such services is carried out within a period of 30 to 75 days after receipt of the necessary documents (both in the original and by e-mail). To obtain this type of document you will only need the information on your product declared in the offer.

Our Company can also provide consulting services aimed at obtaining quality certificates and their analogues, which are issued by the state authorities of certain countries (if this is provided for by their norms and laws). In order to receive such consulting services upon receipt of these documents in State bodies, You need to conclude an agreement with us with an exact indication of the issuing authority and the exact name of the document that You want to receive for your purposes.

The final price of such services is at least 3800 euros per product for companies from any country. Execution period - from 85 to 365 days from the date of conclusion of the contract. In addition, the receipt of these documents for some countries includes the on-site inspection of products by experts and workers from a government agency authorized to inspect such products. This type of registration usually involves laboratory tests at certified centers.

If you want our company to organize additional laboratory tests for your products, the fee for such services will range from 500 to several thousand euros. For this, it is necessary to sign an agreement “on laboratory research” with us indicating the type of study.

In the event that after receiving from our Company a document confirming the quality - during customs and other procedures - it is established that Your products cannot be imported into the country specified in the Agreement, due to the non-compliance of the product composition with the requirements of local legislation - all produced Payments will be refunded.

If you will receive a document issued by our company, you will request a document from the state authorities for the required country on your own, and you will not be able to get it, then our company will return all the amount paid.

To use this option, you will need to send us a complaint indicating all the reasons for which You have not received a document issued by state authorities. Submission of such an application is possible within a period of no more than two years after the receipt of a document issued by our company.

With respect, Company Management.