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Our legal department provides all types of advice on various legal issues.

The range of issues related to the implementation of the economic activities of any enterprise is wide, diverse, it is necessary to be aware of everything that happens. That is why it is necessary to conclude deals, sign contracts with the involvement of specialists.

We offer our clients legal services for the preparation of legal documents and their analysis:

  • all types of contracts, their annexes, agreements on amending them or terminating them, drawing up protocols of disagreements to contracts, receipts, acts;

  •  claims on the fact of non-fulfillment of obligations to the Customer, answers (objections) to claims;

  • complaints about the actions of authorities and their officials, requests for documents and information, requests for clarifications on the application of tax legislation;

  • documents required during the execution of labor relations (labor contracts, orders, personal cards, job descriptions, written obligations of employees, contracts for full liability);

  • internal documents of Clients regulating labor relations (collective agreement, bonus provisions, protection of trade secrets, internal labor schedule, staffing schedule, vacation schedule);

  • internal documents of Clients of a corporate nature (Provisions on the Board of Directors, agreements on the exercise of the rights of members of the company).

Legal advice and opinions

We provide our clients with written (legal opinions), legal advice, legal expertise.

The number of our employees and their area of ​​specialization, the continuous improvement of staff qualifications are a reliable guarantee that you will receive high-quality consultations in many areas of law, and all the nuances will be taken into account when considering the case.

Our company provides not only legal opinions, but also prepares legal examinations on all issues.

The full range of services our company provides for consulting includes:

Problem analysis

The most important thing is to get an objective assessment of the situation. The complexity of the situation can be different, and some cases require a preliminary analysis of the documents and / or situation. In the case of contacting us, we find out the essence of the issue and immediately say if a preliminary analysis of the documents / situation is necessary to prepare a consultation, or we will provide advice without preliminary preparation.

Further, the format of legal advice depends on your wishes, it can be written, as well as extended written in the form of a legal opinion. At the same time, you can be sure that the choice of the format of the consultation will not affect its quality.

International Law Advice

In what cases does an entrepreneur need the help of a lawyer in international law?

  • conclusion of a contract with a foreign company, negotiation

  • opening a legal entity / representative office / branch of a company in a foreign country

  • acquisition / sale of real estate / other assets to foreign partners

  • in case of a dispute with foreign partners

  • hiring foreign staff.

To minimize entrepreneurial and tax risks when entering a company’s foreign market, it is necessary to carefully study the local characteristics and tax climate of a foreign country.

Even if you have an international lawyer on staff for legal support of affairs with foreign partners, you may encounter a non-standard task that international law experts from a law firm who have experience in resolving such situations will cope faster and more professionally

The Legal Service Center will help the entrepreneur solve complex legal issues in the field of international law and establish interaction with foreign partners

What services do we provide?

  • advice on international law;

  • legal translation of documentation;

  • legal examination of documentation, preparation of expert opinions;

  • negotiating with foreign partners of the client, electronic correspondence, business letters;

  • support of import and export transactions;

  • contesting the unlawful actions of customs officials;

  • drawing up foreign trade contracts, monitoring the implementation of their conditions;

  • identification of tax risks in activities related to foreign partners;

  • control over the implementation of the decision of international arbitration;

  • assistance in opening, registration in the territory of the Russian Federation of branches, representative offices, units of foreign companies;

  • registration of legal entities outside of Russia;

  • legal support for the acquisition of international business;

  • registration of an international trademark;

  • legal assistance in the preparation of investment projects;

  • checking the reputation and financial viability of a future foreign partner;