Laboratory tests

We organize all types of research in testing laboratories accredited to conduct instrumental laboratory studies of food products, feed and raw materials for their production, as well as industrial products, including:

  • analysis of grain and products of its processing, analysis of bread, bakery and pasta;
  • analysis of confectionery, sugar, analysis of fruits, vegetables and products of their processing;
  • analysis of vegetable oils and fat-and-oil products, analysis of drinks and wine of vodka products, beer, analysis of fish, seafood and products from them, analysis of milk, dairy products, analysis of meat and meat products, analysis of food concentrates, tea, coffee, analysis of beekeeping products.


We are also with the help of our partners - upon request, we conduct water research, including:

  • Water from centralized water supply sources, hot water from centralized water supply, Drinking water from non-centralized water supply sources, wastewater treated and untreated (surface, drainage, industrial, domestic), Swimming pool water, Water park water, Distilled water,
  • SOILS OF POPULAR PLACES AND AGRICULTURAL AREAS, including soils, soils, estimates from the territory, silt of sewage treatment plants, sludge from sewage treatment plants


WORK AREA AIR, PHARMACIES, including: Air of the working area, air of the premises of medical institutions, pharmacies, premises and equipment (pharmacies, catering establishments, industrial enterprises)

PERFUMERY AND COSMETIC PRODUCTS, including: Cosmetics for face, arms, legs and body care: creams, gels, masks, jellies, lotions, oils, petroleum jelly, creams, gels, jellies, lotions, tonics, cosmetic oils, cosmetic vaseline, nourishing, moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating masks, bath and shower products (salt, foam, oil, gel), bath salts, foaming agents, soap (toilet, deodorizing), toilet soap, liquid toilet soap ( and fat-based shampoos), deodorants and other sweat products, deodorant welt stick, gel-shaped, creamy deodorants, aerosolized body deodorants, body care powder, depilatory (creams, gels, powders), after-shave products (creams, foam, lotions, soap), creams for shaving, shaving foam, shaving lotion, lotion and after shave balm, Hair care products, for washing (shampoos, liquid soap), shampoos based on synthetic materials, grease-based shampoos, liquid soap, rinses, conditioners, conditioners, lotions, creams, conditioners, balms, cond lecturers, anti-dandruff products, lotions, creams, gels, hair styling and preservation products (gels, jellies, lotions), gels, jellies, lotions, aerosol sprays, curling, fixing, straightening, hair dyes, tinting shampoos, bleaching agents, creamy paints, shampoos and balms, tinting shampoos, henna and basma, means for lightening and bleaching hair, Decorative cosmetics :, lip makeup (lipsticks, gloss, pencils, powder), grease-based, emulsion based eye makeup products (mascara, pencils, eye shadow), grease-based, emulsion-based, mascara, liquid eye shadow (liquid), powder and compact eye shadow, powder and blush for makeup, oil based, emulsion based powdery and compact, Preparations for manicure, pedicure (varnishes, enamels, pastes, oils, fixers, lotions, gels, nail polish removers, solvents), varnishes and enamels, manicure, varnish bases. Coatings, nail polish remover, cosmetic oils, makeup products (brushes, tampons), Special cosmetic products: tanning products without a sun, sun protection, skin whitening products, hygiene products and odors, colognes, perfumes, eau de toilette and fragrant waters, solid perfumes, dry perfumes, Perfume and cosmetic sets, natural essential oils (finished perfume and cosmetic products)At your request, we can conduct product quality tests according to all parameters of norms and rules in accordance with the standards for each type of product, including the study of products obtained from genetically modified sources. Based on the results of the studies, an independent opinion is issued on the conformity of the quality of the tested products to the current safety standards.