Custom Clearance Services

If You are transporting Your goods through the border and You wish that all product passes its guaranteed and as quickly as possible - contact our Company!


For legal entities and entrepreneurs, we provide the following key services:

  • customs clearance of imports / exports / transit
  • registration with customs (accreditation)
  • registration of a customs certificate for the carriage of goods under customs seals and seals.

For individuals - we carry out customs clearance of new and used cars from Europe and Asia. If you contact us, You will be allocated a separate customs broker who will be fully responsible for the successful provision of any of the services.


The average experience of customs brokers who will accompany Your business - is from 5 years. During this time, each broker was faced with hundreds of goods and situations. Therefore, Your cargo will be familiar to us, and we will be able to arrange it faster and more reliably. Moreover, as Your representative, all risks lie with us. Therefore, in addition to speed and quality, business minimizes risks. That is why we offer large businesses to use our customs services, transferring all the worries of escorting goods into the hands of professionals, and investing time saved in the development of Your main business.

Our customs representative performs the following customs clearance operations:

  • submission to customs authorities of all necessary information and documents;
  • declaration of goods;
  • presentation of declared goods;
  • ensuring the payment of taxes, customs payments and excise taxes;
  • other operations necessary for customs control and clearance.

During the provision of customs escort services, our Company guarantees compliance with all legal and customs requirements, as well as the correct documentation.

Since customs clearance is the final stage of any foreign trade operation, it is necessary to clarify all the nuances of the customs procedure during negotiations with foreign partners: ignorance or misunderstanding of the legislation of foreign customs, as well as violation of the rules for the export and import of various goods entails administrative or criminal liability.

When transporting goods from country to country - transported goods must undergo customs control without fail. The services of a customs broker provided by our company allow the cargo owner to significantly reduce the time required to complete all customs procedures. Our experts will undertake to pay for documentation services, filling out declarations, as well as certification of any goods of foreign production (execution of acts of appraised value, certificates of conformity, other conclusions and permits).

Our Polish registration company also provides all needed assistance in quality confirmation and registration for India. We can assist in registration wide range of goods for this Country. After You will order needed services – You will get registration documents for India.

Also we can offer additional services for detailed clarification of Indian standards and Indian regulation for import and export activity for this market.

India is on the way to achieving the fastest economic growth rates, going to overtake the whole world, as evidenced by the indicators of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. This is reported by Bloomberg.

Many foreign investors make their choice in favor of India, given that it is one of the largest markets in the world.

Another important economic project of the Indian Government is the creation and development of special economic zones, the investment of which also attracts foreign capital. Specialized zones and parks work effectively in such industries as information technology, production of agricultural, textile, chemical and food products, automotive components, cars and tractors, electronics.

We are one of the most successful Polish registration companies. Do you not know how to get registration in India? –We know Indian regulation and Indian standards, bis standards. We can provide you with a full range of services for registration of documents for India or registration of a startup in India.

For those who is going to enter Indian market - we support quality confirmation for any kind of goods and assistance its import process.